Lechia Gdańsk footballer’s examinations

The period of the football transfer was very busy for the Tri City Rehasport Clinic. Players whom the Lechia coach wanted to have in the lineup had undergone medical tests in Rehasport Clinic located in the Ergo Arena.

The first to pass the tests and is ready represent Lechia Gdańsk, was Paweł Buzała. The team is really counting on Buzała to fill the gap created after the departure of Lechia player Abdou Razack Traore. Another player that could increase the attack power of the Gdańsk club is Algerian Mohamed El Amine Rahouiego, who has recently appeared in the fifth French league. Samuel Pietre had also undergone medical tests in Rehasport Clinic, however the results connected with his knee problems had discouraged the management of Lechia Gdańsk to sign a contract with him.

Currently the Gdańsk team is at training camp in Turkey. There are also players who have recently undergone rehabilitation Rehasport Clinic, Gdańsk (including goalkeepers Sebastian Malkowski and Bartosz Kaniecki). Unfortunately, Sebastian Madera could not attend the training camp. The Lechia Gdańsk defender had to undergo an operation which had been conducted by Dr Maciej Pawlak from the Tri-City Rehasport Clinic. Surgery of the right thigh lasted three hours. Sebastian Madera is estimated to return to the pitch in about two months time.