Licensed Rehabilitation Centers of Rehasport Clinic – unique trainings

IMG_5424Licensed Rehabilitation Centers of Rehasport Clinic are an all-Polish network created by Rehasport Clinic. – In 2012 we initiated a cycle of trainings aimed at unifying the principles of rendering rehabilitation services related to orthopedics and motor organ traumatology in all Polish centers – says PhD Marek Stawniak, a Rehasport Clinic Training Department manager and a doctor specializing in surgery, orthopedics and motor organ traumatology.


The program presented during the trainings is a unique educational idea – one of the hand it provides an opportunity to take part in rehabilitation seminars and on the other – gives an access to operating room and practical use of principles of surgical treatment. – We cyclically organize trainings during which physiotherapists from all parts of Poland get familiar with rehabilitation procedure reports, in theoretical and practical terms, used in our clinics – says PhD Joanna Wiese, a Training and Quality Management Department coordinator.

At present we are organizing the second training cycle attended by representatives of about thirty centers from all parts of Poland. These meetings are chaired by Rehasport Clinic doctors and physiotherapists. Last seminars, being the seventh seminars during the second cycle of basic trainings, were dedicated to wrist and hand disease treatment. The slogan of the Licensed Rehabilitation Centers of Rehasport Clinic was “Hand – the most important organ of human evolution?”.

Up to the present day over a hundred physiotherapists from about 60 Polish centers have used training programs. – We provide all physiotherapists with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge for free – explains PhD Marek Stawniak.  The network of Licensed Rehabilitation Centers is and will be developed on a regular basis.