Live actively, take care of your diet

 “Live actively” – it is the message from Rehasport Clinic and the Piotr i Paweł supermarket chain to anyone looking for answers to questions regarding healthy and balanced nutrition combined with physical activity.

Healthy lifestyle is today a conscious choice of a considerable part of our society. A multitude of us is aware that a well-balanced diet forms the basis for everyday functioning and has an impact on activeness and well-being. The preparation of meals in relation to age, gender, but also to the type, duration and intensity of physical activity – all these factors should be considered when creating a proper diet.


Health/lifestyle/energy/activeness/sport/diet/good looks/strength/happiness. Live actively. Together with the purchasing and quality experts from Piotr i Paweł and the professionals in diet balancing from Rehasport Clinic you will increase your appetite for life. Look for our tips in all Piotr i Paweł supermarkets.

A joint project of two brands recognised in the country – Rehasport Clinic and the Piotr i Paweł supermarket chain aims to increase Polish people’s awareness of the promotion of active lifestyle, the building of dietary consciousness or the impact of nutrition on an undertaken physical activity. Among 15 thousand food products available at Piotr i Paweł chain stores there are bio-foodstuffs, low-sugar products, as well as soy, low-fat and gluten-free products. The collaboration with the specialists from Rehasport Clinic will enable the introduction of a number of specially marked products, significant to physically active people who take care of their condition. The cooperation plans also include consulting with regard to the topic of a well-balanced diet and a nutrition method for physically active people, preventive treatment of the most frequent injuries, collaborative press publications and the combination of the knowledge of both Rehasport Clinic’s and Piotr i Paweł’s specialists in the case of sport events.

Please visit where you can find recipes for pre- and post-effort dishes, as well as diet tips.