Łukasz Jaworski – a Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist made his debut in the Olympic Winter Games!

Igrzyska Olimpijskie - Pjongczang 2018The Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang is about to commence! Poland national luge team will be supported by Łukasz Jaworski, a Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist. It is the first time he has been to the Olympic Games.

– Am I stressed? No, not really, but there is other reason. I have always thought that a physiotherapist of the national team can feel truly satisfied when he or she takes care of athletes during the world championship or Olympic Games. It may be true but on Monday I became a father and on Wednesday when I was leaving to Warsaw for Olympic pledge, I left two small children at home. I cannot be very happy knowing that my wife is in the hospital together with our third child – says Łukasz Jaworski.

From Olympics to Olympics

Igrzyska Olimpijskie - Pjongczang 2018

The good news is that they will not be separated for a long time, and Łukasz will have a lot of work in PyeongChang. Marek Skowroński, a national team coach, makes sure our six-person team feels fit and good, and is supported by Łukasz Jaworski, who started cooperating with luge team shortly after previous Olympic Games in Sochi, during the world championship in Sigulda, Latvia. – Our team is composed of a coach who can deal with thousands of issues, as well as me and six athletes. The coach goes to any lengths and is able to prepare the sled in his own house. The national team in Korea consists of two women and four men. I help anyone; if someone needs a therapy, they just make an entry into my calendar. Warm-ups? No, I don’t do it. Everyone has their own way used for a long time. During workout I usually wait at one of the turns with a camera. Afterwards the video is used for analysis – says Łukasz Jaworski.

If Polish national team wins a medal or medals in the Korean Olympic Games, it will probably be something else than luge. Polish luge representatives are not as strong as ski jumpers or speed skaters. We also should not expect any surprise in classic skiing or biathlon. – We think the success will be two places in the top eight: relay and double, which could come sixth in the first runs in the World Cup. As for relay, we are ready to have it; if we don’t, we will be disappointed. We can even expect more than that but it is going to be a hard battle – says Łukasz Jaworski.

Olympic Winter Games – just six runs

Igrzyska Olimpijskie - Pjongczang 2018

Poland’s national team is composed of Ewa Kuls-Kusyk and Natalia Wojtuściszyn representing women’s singles, Maciej Kurowski and Mateusz Sochowicz representing men’s singles, as well as Wojciech Chmielewski and Jakub Kowalewski representing doubles. A relay team will consist of one of the ladies, one of the men from singles and a male double. They will be the last luge competitors in PyeongChang on Thursday, 15 February.

It is not easy to prepare for the competition properly. Although they arrived at Korea at least 6-7 days in advance, every athlete is entitled to six training runs only. Preparations are further hindered by frost and temperature of minus 25 degrees of Celsius – When we have training, we must find a suitable track. Those who can find it will have an advantage during the actual competition – says Łukasz Jaworski. A Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist will also participate in the Olympic Games opening ceremony to be held on Friday, 9 February. Not everyone will have such opportunity – next day Maciej Kurowski and Mateusz Sochowicz have their first single runs, so they are not going to rest in the Olympic village a day before the tournament  .

The Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang will end on Sunday, 25 February.