Maksym Drabik – 13 days after a surgery and he is the best on the track!

It was an amazing comeback of one of the best young speedway riders in the world. Nearly two weeks after the collarbone surgery Maksym Drabik took part in the final race of the Polish Team Speedway Championship and was the best rider of Betard Sparta Wrocław. In two-legged race riders from Wrocław were slightly defeated by Unia Leszno which is a Polish leader again after two years.

It has long been known that speedway riders are sportspersons from “remote galaxies”. They often compete even though they have not fully recovered or should keep on treating their injuries. Maksym Drabik was unlucky in the final race of the Individual Junior World Championship. On 8 September in Guestrow, Germany, he fell on the muddy track and broke his collarbone. Three days later, in Rehasport Clinic hospital in Poznań, PhD Robert Spławski performed the surgery which was intended to “strengthen” the collarbone in question by screwing eight bolts and plate in. Afterwards Maksym Drabik started working hard under a watchful eye of Łukasz Jaworski, a Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist. The effect of this cooperation was fantastic improvement of the injured limb. On Sunday, 13 days after the surgery, Drabik participated in the final rematch against Fogo Unia Leszno and gained 11 points. He won his first three races thanks to which Betard Sparta made up for loss of points in the first race and was about to win. The final race was decisive but Drabik did not compete in this particular race. The final score was a draw (45:45) and Leszno won the title.

Supporters chose a 19-year-old Betard Sparta rider as the Polish “Rider of the Finals”. After the race, Maksym Drabik attended an interview for NC+ and thanked Wrocław supporters and… Łukasz Jaworski from Rehasport Clinic –

I suffered for a couple of days and I wish to thank all the people who helped me during these few days, but for me – as many as a few days. Big thank you to you, Łukasz Jaworski from Rehasport, well done, good job, I am really thankful – said Maksym Drabik “live” after the race.

Maksym is about to continue his rehabilitation but also participate in another important race – the last and the final Individual Junior World Championship in Pardubnice. Although he fell in the semi-final in Guestrow, the Polish rider is still the leader with 31 points (he collected 21 points in the first competition in Poznań). On 29 September we will see the world champion.