Malwina Kopron – from a surgery in Rehasport Clinic to world championship medal!

A little over nine months ago Malwina Kopron, a hammer thrower, underwent a successful surgery in Rehasport Clinic and was soon ready to train again . In effect, she beat her own life record this year and soon after won the world championship bronze medal!

Malwina Kopron is thought to be a highly talented hammer thrower but so far she has been invisible when compared to Anita Włodarczyk and Joanna Fiodorow. She proved she could perform well and she won medals in junior competitions but it was very difficult for her to confirm her leadership. Before the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a 21-year old AZS Poznań member hoped to qualify to the final competition. She did not make it, she came 15th in the eliminations, 61 centimeters more was required. She was however the youngest among 32 competitors fighting for Olympics.

For this reason it was very difficult to qualify to the finals. “Few of you know that in March in the camp in the South Africa I incurred a serious collarbone injury. It was very difficult to identify the cause of the problem but there was no time to stop trainings” –  wrote Malwina on her Facebook profile at the beginning of October. She also said that she had visited three doctors, five physiotherapists, and had undergone a magnetic resonance three times, as well as had had a CAT scan and three ultrasound scans. “After all these examinations it was possible to diagnose the cause of the problem. Diagnosis: damage of intraarticular disk of sternoclavicular joint. The surgery was a must. Next day in Rehasport Clinic a surgery was performed by doctor Lubiatowski” – wrote Malwina Kopron.

The surgery was based on arthroscopy. It was not pleasant but soon she forgot about it. “Fortunately everything is fine now, I have already finished rehabilitation, I can move freely and I can get down to preparations” –  wrote Malwina Kopron a few weeks later. In cooperation with her new coach, Witold Kopron (her grandfather), she has started preparing for a crucial season.

We could see the results of her effort this summer. At first a new life record during the Polish championship in Białystok – 75,11m. Now outstanding performance in the final round of the world championship – 74,76 – assured a bronze medal. She was supported by Radosław Hojszyk and Filip Mordaka, Rehasport Clinic physiotherapists, who accompanied a group of Polish hammer throwers.

Congratulations on your success and we do hope it is just the beginning!