Marcin Robak is being rehabilitated in Rehasport Clinic. “We are going in the right direction”


Marcin Robak, a former top scorer of the Polish Football Premier League, is being  rehabilitated after he has undergone an ankle surgery. Lech Poznań player hopes he will be back in the game and trainings in a couple of weeks. 

Robak’s problems happened last August. In the first match of the fourth round of qualifications to the European League, in the match against Videoton Szekesfehervar, Lech’s forwarder was fouled shortly after he had come on the pitch. As a result, he had an ankle joint injury. Robak played at the turn of September and October in two matches, but then the pain was too strong to continue running. Finally, at the end of the year he underwent a surgery in Warsaw performed by the doctor – Jacek Jaroszewski – who was affiliated with Rehasport Clinic a year before. Since 4 January the footballer has been rehabilitated in Rehasport Clinic under supervision of Agnieszka Prusińska, a physiotherapist, who cooperates among others with Andżelika Kerber.

What is the condition of your ankle joint operated on at the beginning of December?

MARCIN ROBAK: – It’s been over a month since I started my rehabilitation. It is always hard at the beginning, especially when your leg must be stiffened for a month. We’ve done much work so far, we have activated my ankle bone, and doctors say that everything is going to be fine. My cooperation with Agnieszka is fruitful, there are effects, but we still need more time to heal this ankle for good.

Is there any realistic date when you are going to get back to the game?

– Well, there is, but we will see how much time I need before I start training and playing when we get to the jumping ability training and then running training. Right now we are taking small steps to make sure the range in the foot is correct, just like in the right foot. And without any pain.

Can you describe your everyday rehabilitation?

– We start from manual work, massage, pressing points which ache the most. It takes one hour and a half. Another 90 minutes is devoted to muscle exercises so that a calf, quadriceps and biceps are just like those in the another leg. And before we finish – 45 minutes of cycling, and swimming in the evening. And we do the same everyday: nearly four hours in the clinic plus swimming.

Since this stiffening thing was removed, I have been rehabilitated in Rehasport by Agnieszka. This week I was three days in Warsaw because the doctor who operated on me is working there now and wanted to see this problem. I visited him for check-up and had a few additional treatments.

On Sunday there is the first match against Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza. Do you regret that your friends can play and you must watch the match?

– No, I don’t, I cannot do anything about it. I will keep my fingers crossed for their victory in the first match. I’m just doing my job, I want to get over it as soon as possible and go back to the game, well, but since I have an injury, it is not easy.

When do you think you can make it, in the final round?

– It’s hard to say, we are in the middle of rehabilitation. In the weeks to come we should know more. I do hope I can make it in March, but we will be able to tell at a certain stage of my rehabilitation.

Interview by Andrzej Grupa