Mateusz Wajdzik, a Legionovia footballer, has undergone a surgery in Rehasport Medicover in Warsaw

Dislocated ankle and lateral malleolus fracture – this is what Mateusz Wajdzik, a Legionovia midfielder, sustained during the football match. A 20-year-old footballer has already undergone a surgery performed in Medicover Hospital in Warsaw by Rehasport Clinic specialists – PhD Michał Deszczyński and PhD Robert Jopowicz.

At the beginning of this season Mateusz Wajdzik took part in four matches of Legionovia, as well as the second league and Polish Cup – he scored one goal at this time. At the last weekend of August, the 20-year-old midfielder was a substitute in the match against Mazur Radzymin. He was terribly unlucky – when he wanted to shoot, a goalkeeper of the opponents blocked his leg which got twisted unnaturally, and in effect led to a bone fracture. The result was a serious injury and surgery performed by Rehasport Clinic specialist from Warsaw. The young player will be ready to be back in the game in spring.