Papua New Guinea cardinal in Rehasport Clinic

John Ribat OSC, a Papua New Guinea cardinal and archbishop of Port Moresby, and Józef Roszyński, a Wewak bishop, underwent comprehensive medical examination in Rehasport Clinic.

Rehasport Clinic regularly provides assistance to inhabitants of Papua New Guinea. In June 2016 in the clinic of Poznań a „White Saturday” was held. The voluntary donations collected by Rehasport Clinic Foundation were dedicated to the purchase of microscopes. These are used in Papua New Guinea to fight against TB – one out of five major causes of high death rate on the island. Polish clinic co-funded construction of drinking water tanks as well. Thanks to the initiative of PhD Tomasz Piontek, we managed to purchase many other useful items, for example engines for motor boats used to provide aid to local inhabitants through Sepik river

Poland and Papua New Guinea

Thanks to PhD Tomasz Piontek’s acquaintances and friends, these actions could be initiated. The Rehasport Clinic orthopedist visited Papua New Guinea in 2006.  – In Papua New Guinea we could see a different world, something you cannot find in our wealthy country. Spending time in Kundiawa and performing an operation in Jan Jaworski’s ward, we encountered cases which we knew from historical accounts only. Motor organ diseases arising from TB, infectious diseases, gunshots or other wounds made with machetes – these instances forced us to look at medicine and orthopedics from a different point of view – said PhD Tomasz Piontek. Back then he also met bishop Józef Roszyński, called „Big Joe” by Papua inhabitants. In May the bishop and cardinal John Ribat OSC came to Poland – they co-celebrated a mass in Jasna Góra. In the meantime they underwent comprehensive medical examination in Rehasport Clinic in Poznań.

In the picture from the left: bishop Józef Roszyński, cardinal John Ribat OSC and PhD Tomasz Piontek