Physiotherapy in sport 2016

grafika_fb_fizjoter_w_sporcieOn 18 June 2016 the scientific conference co-organized by Rehasport Clinic Sp. z o.o. and Forum Media Polska was held in the Conference and Training Center of Nowe Horyzonty Foundation in Warsaw. The subject of today’s event was related to physiotherapeutic techniques and newest medical attainments in the process of treating and supporting various sportspeople, e.g. footballers, volleyball players, handball players, field hokey players, tennis players. The issues related to multidisciplinary approach to injury treatment and prevention of sport injuries combined with biomechanics and proprioception were discussed as well. The group of lecturers was composed of physiotherapists, doctors, motor preparation specialists, biomechanics who cooperated with professional sportspeople on a daily basis and represented leading centers throughout Poland. To supplement the theoretical knowledge acquired during a set of lectures, it was possible to take part in one of four physiotherapy workshops concerned with the use of functional assessment in sport, physiotherapeutic conduct in case of sprained knee joint and muscle strength practice of the rear thigh muscle and central stabilization in injury prevention.

„Physiotherapy in sport” was taken under scientific wing of such universities as: University School of Physical Education in Poznań, Academy of Physiotherapy in Wrocław and Jozef Rusiecki Olsztyn University College. Also other three scientific societies were patrons: Polskie Towarzystwo Fizjoterapii [Polish Society of Physiotherapy], Polskie Towarzystwo Treningu Motorycznego [Polish Society for Motor Preparation] and Polskie Towarzystwo Barku i Łokcia [Polish Society of the Shoulder and Elbow].

This all-Polish event was widely welcomed as more than 200 persons participated in the conference and we do hope that next year’s conferences will be as popular as this year’s.