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Clinic in Konin

A specialist Rehasport Clinic in Konin provides a comprehensive and professional medical care not only to professional sportspersons. We prioritize every single patient. We assure professional diagnostics, conservative treatment, and if necessary surgical treatment and rehabilitation prepared on a case-by-case basis. Our patients are professional athletes and persons unrelated to sport. Our orthopedic clinic is ready to accept anyone who needs orthopedic advice or rehabilitation. Our patients will have an appointment with an orthopedist and group of other specialists who will look after their health and physical fitness.

Comprehensive rehabilitation

The clinic in Konin is equipped with innovative diagnostic and medical equipment to be able to implement latest treatment methods. Here you can visit orthopedists, sport medicine specialists as well as physiotherapists. Every patients is given care by a group of doctors specializing in various fields so that they can exchange information between one another to establish the most effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation. This kind of treatment brings earlier results when compared to single-specialist consultancy.

Who is a good orthopedist?

A good orthopedist guarantees fast recovery and helps you regain physical fitness quickly. The most important traits of a professional orthopedists are professionalism, good contact with patients and care for their safety. A group of our orthopedists is also composed of pediatric orthopedists so that both adults and children can use our service.

Please feel free to use services of Rehasport Clinic in Konin. Have your health in good hands!

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