Poland is about to start competing in the World Championship. Doctor Jakub Naczk supports our national team!

kadra_sansebastian (3)On Thursday Polish handball players play against Norway and at the same time start participating in the World Championship. The line-up of Polish national team has been substantially modified. Jakub Naczk, a Rehasport Clinic doctor, takes care of our representatives.

At the group stage our representatives will play against Norway (12 January), Brazil (14 January), Russia (16 January), Japan (17 January) and the defending title-holder and tournament host – France (19 January). When compared to previous tournaments, Polish players are not expected to win the event. Since Bartosz Jurecki, Adam Wiśniewski and Krzysztof Lijewski decided to finish their career and since Sławomir Szmal and Karol Bielecki chose to take a rest and in the face of injuries sustained by Michał Jurecki, Piotr Wyszomirski, Kamil Syprzak and Mariusz Jurkiewicz, our team is composed mainly of debutants. If our players make it to 1/8 of the tournament, it will be a huge success. To make it happen, Poles need to be ahead of at least two competitors in the group A.

Throughout the tournament Polish national team will be provided with medical care by doctor Jakub Naczk, a Rehasport Clinic orthopedist. Doctor Naczk had a lot of work during preparations because several players had contracted injuries. Sadly a few of them sustained injuries shortly before the championship started. Paweł Paczkowski is however ready for the match against Norway. His participation was not sure but he has managed to recover on time.

In the picture: PhD Jakub Naczk (on the right) along with Polish national team players (photo by ZPRP).