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Poland national team players in Rehasport Clinic

Sławomir Szmal and Karol Bielecki, members of the Poland men’s national handball team, visited Rehasport Clinic. Both of them underwent thorough tests, which are going to help get rid of minor, albeit troublesome injuries.

The players of the Polish champion, Vive Tauron Kielce, underwent 3T MR examination, as well as FMS assessments and Biodex System testing. – I suffer from a certain ailment, which has been bothering me for a year, so I came to Poznań. I am under a good care and I hope that everything can be cured fast – says Szmal, who just as Bielecki is a Polish national team player, whereas Rehasport Clinic is a medical partner of the Polish Handball Association. – We were joking with Karol just after our arrival that during the training one of us was throwing the ball, while the other one was defending and thus we contused each other – jokes Szmal, who was chosen the best handballer of the world in 2009 by IHF (International Handball Federation). On the other hand, Bielecki is famous for his powerful throw, making the ball fly with the velocity of even over 110 km/h.

Szmal will soon be turning 36 (Bielecki is 3,5 years younger), but he is not considering ending his career. – people keep asking me this question, but I still have a two-year contract with Kielce and I intend to execute it. But further career depends on how I will feel. I’m not thinking about the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. I am focusing on the European Championship, taking place in Poland at the beginning of 2016, as I would like to play in this tournament. It is a pity that we would not play at the National Stadium, like volleyball players, as it will probably be too cold in the winter. It would be a fantastic experience – says Sławomir Szmal.