Poles help Papua New Guinea – be part of Rehasport Clinic initiative!

As part of White Saturday, voluntary bank transfers made by Rehasport Clinic patients and friends will contribute to fighting against deadly TB in Papua New Guinea. White Saturday will be held in Rehasport Clinic on 25 August.

This initiative is the result of contacts and friendships established 10 years ago during a visit to Papua New Guinea by PhD Tomasz Piontek – Rehasport Clinic orthopedist. Thanks to them, Rehasport Clinic contributes to the help given to Papuan People who suffer from TB, and financially supports construction of drinking water reservoirs. It is New Guinea and surrounding islands where locals are assisted by Józef Roszyński (in the picture along with PhD Tomasz Piontek) – a bishop, Jerzy Kuźma – a missionary and surgeon, as well as Jan Jaworski – a priest and orthopedist. It is just three Poles out of nearly 75 who stay and help there.

The entire story starts from a surgery and rehabilitation of Jan Jaworski from Poznań. This treatment was carried out by doctor Piontek. Jan Jaworski has been supporting Papuan People for the quarter of the century. His “magical hands” were even described in the special report entitled “The Sydney Morning Herald”. Last October Jan Jaworski was given a medal for “those who do good”, awarded by Redemptoris Mission Foundation from Poznań. Thanks to him, Papua doctor come to Wielkopolska Province to attend trainings, and our volunteers help in Kundiawa. This is where Jan Jaworski treats patients. “Governmental Hospital in Kundiawa  (5 thousand residents) is the largest institution in the town and the workplace for over 100 nurses and 6 doctors. They have to deal with the area with a population of 200 thousand residents. The hospital located among picturesque mountains looked as if some part of the civilization had been moved to the heavenly scenery. I was visited by Jan Jaworski, the priest and doctor. As a missionary and the only surgeon in the central part of the island, he was highly energetic and determined. Soon he familiarized me with the essence of topical medicine” – wrote one of the volunteers after his stay in Papua.

The person who came up with the idea of helping TB-infected Papuan People was Jerzy Roszyński, locally called “Big Joe” who has been supporting these people since 1992. “We are always in a hurry in our life. We spread the Gospel during the so-called patrols. Going along rives, on foot and by small planes, we cover significant distances to reach small villages. We always take biscuits, coffee and sugar. When the night comes, we have our mattresses and mosquito nets and give them to our parishioners. After a few days of working in the field, we go back to wash, complete parish books and rest, and then we hit the road again” – mentioned Jan Roszyński in “Gość Niedzielny”. To see the nature of such visits – watch the video from the first “Big Joe’s” trip to Timbunke parish situated by Sepiku river.

Jerzy Kuźma, a missionary, surgeon and orthopedist in Madang hospital, does a unique and very difficult job for Papua New Guinea. “In Papua I am the only orthopedist per 1,5 million people” – said Jerzy a year ago in the interview for “Głos Wielkopolski”. “As for diseases, locals are killed by the common illnesses for countries of the third world, that is infectious diseases such as malaria, TB, and now AIDS and pneumonia, meningitis, diarrhea” – he added.

TB is one of top five causes of death in Papua New Guinea. By organizing White Saturday, Rehasport Clinic wishes to help Polish missionaries and doctors treat those people – through purchasing microscopes. If you deposit an amount to the account of Rehasport Clinic Foundation, with “For Papua” title, your funds will be used to support this initiative.

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