Pre-selection of Rehasport Clinic specialist during Lech Conference


Nearly 1200 coaches and young sportsmen carers took part in Lech Conference – the greatest conference of this sort in Poland. Rehasport Clinic specialist gave their lectures as well.

Lech Conference is a cycle of lectures and training demonstrations intended mainly for young footballers coaches. The Arena in Poznań was visited by roughly 1200 coaches and persons willing to work with young sportspersons in the future. The representatives of the following leading European clubs talked about youth training, hazards and benefits: Chelsea FC, Juventus Turin, Liverpool FC, Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen.  The representatives of Rehasport Clinic also gave their lectures. Jakub Kryściak, a psychologist, talked about water and electrolyte management among sportsmen. Anna-Maria Borucka, a dietician, discussed benefits arising from enriching diets with beetroot juice, while Andrzej Pyda, an orthopedist, presented information on a diagnosis and treatment of the most serious problem faced by those who deal with football – sprained ankle.