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Prof. Gino Kerkhoffs in Rehasport Clinic. Mutually performed studies with PhD Tomasz Piontek’s orthopedists

Professor Gino Kerkhoffs, a head of the Dutch Arthroscopy Society and world’s highly regarded orthopedist from Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam, was a guest of PhD Tomasz Piontek’s team from Rehasport Clinic. Mutually performed studies are aimed at presenting a modern percutaneous surgical technique related to considerable Achilles tendon loss.

Professor Gino Kerkhoffs is a Dutch orthopedist, highly regarded sport traumatology specialist in the world. He has been cooperating with Ajax Amsterdam, a football club, and Dutch Olympic Committee for many years. – In 2008 I had an internship in Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, an Orthopedic Clinic, the Netherland’s best and one of the best facilities in the world that deal with ankle joint surgery, in particular arthroscopy. It was managed by a prominent orthopedist – Prof. Niek van Dijk, supported by Gino Kerkhoffs. Back then we made friends – recalls PhD Tomasz Piontek, who is now a doctor in Rehasport Clinic.

Now Prof. Kerkhodds is Prof. van Dijk’s successor and the world’s class arthroscopy specialist who has accepted invitation from PhD Tomasz Piontek to conduct mutual studies in Poznań. – Seven years ago I introduced an innovative surgical technique of Achilles tendon reconstruction in serious cases, and often hopeless cases. My team and I improved this technique because previous variants had turned out to be ineffective and entailed considerable consequence risk. Patients who underwent a surgery with the use of our technique have perfect results, all of them regain full skills, and professional athletes do their sports again. In certain cases it was a surprise to us – says PhD Tomasz Piontek.

This technique was modified with time – to the extent that now it is fully percutaneous, and during the surgery it is possible to do endoscopic repair of calcaneal tuberosity – Together with Gino Kerkhoffs we wanted to perform studies related to a surgery with the use of frozen preparations and, in cooperation with Poznań University of Technology, test biomechanical values of the Achilles tendon reconstructions. Thanks to these studies, we are able to identify weak and strong points of the method as well as improve resistance issues. The results give an insight into when the patient can be allowed to walk with full load and how to improve fixation technique – explains PhD Tomasz Piontek.

In mutual studies – aside from Prof. Kerkhoffs and PhD Piontek – also attended the following persons: PhD MD Kinga Ciemniewska-GorzelaMD Andrzej Pyda and MD Paweł Bąkowski. Cooperation of Rehasport Clinic specialists and Poznań University of Medical Sciences, University of Amsterdam and Poznań University of Technology is expected to contribute to presentation of the modern percutaneous surgical technique of Achilles tendon loss. – We plan to publish a work which will also present our conclusions – informs PhD Tomasz Piontek.

The surgeries were performed in PoznańLAB, a training center for physicians, one of the most modern centers of this sort in Europe, while implants were delivered by Smith & Nephew. We would like to thank for support and contribution to development of modern surgical techniques.