Prophylactic postural assessment

Rehasport Clinic Foundation undertook new actions aiming to provide children with disinterested help. In collaboration with the Gift of Life Association (Stowarzyszenie Dar Życia) from Skierniewice, a physiotherapist, Łukasz Stoliński, M.Sc., performed a prophylactic posture examination of the children who began their education in the John Paul II Secondary Sport School Complex (ZSSO) in Skierniewice in school year 2014/2015. 144 children, aged 6 and 7, were examined. A clinical assessment of the following elements was performed:

  • the shape of the chest,
  • the symmetry of the configuration of the bony elements of pelvis, shoulder, shoulder blades and waist,
  • torso rotation angle, in order to detect idiopathic scoliosis,
  • sagittal spinal curvature,
  • the shape of knee joints,
  • the feet shape, with particular attention paid to the foot’s function,
  • the length of the lower limbs,
  • the range of mobility of the hip joints.

The tests were performed on the basis of the present guidelines advised by international scientific societies, such as SOSORT (Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment) and SRS (Scoliosis Research Society).

The present examination’s objective was in the first place to detect children’s postural flaws, which at the moment happen to be functional problems. The children among whom posture problems appear and who are not provided with proper exercises and education, may, in consequence of perennial bad everyday motoric habits, intensify these flaws in the future. It may surface in the form of faulty posture.

Due to the detection of posture problems among the children, the parents were offered free Internet consultations. Taking into consideration contemporary lifestyle and lack of logistic capabilities of many parents, the innovative idea of the Internet consultation turned out to be very good as a big part of them made use of the offer.

As in previous years, thanks to the financial support of the Skierniewice Town Hall, the children will also have the opportunity to participate in a free corrective and compensatory gymnastics exercises in ZSSO, which take place throughout the whole school year and are conducted by our physiotherapist, Łukasz Stoliński, M.Sc.

We hope our physiotherapists will have more opportunities in the future to do good and help the youngest effectively.