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Rehasport Clinic – a medical partner of the Polish Tennis Association

Polski Związek TenisowyWe are very pleased to inform you that Rehasport Clinic has become an official Medical Partner of the Polish Tennis Association.

– The scope of cooperation is so broad that we can expect Rehasport Clinic to help us in any segment. Starting from prevention, through diagnostics, ending up with treatment. Injuries in sport are very complicated. We really wanted Polish tennis players to meet top specialists. We had no doubt that Rehasport would be a suitable partner – said Mirosław Skrzypczyński, a PTA head.

Rehasport Clinic team is composed of orthopedists, radiologists, sport medicine physicians, rehabilitation specialists, surgeons, internal medicine specialists, physiotherapists, as well as motor skills coaches, biomechanics specialists, psychologists, dietitians and sport managers. Rehasport Clinic is the heart of top medical competence with regard to orthopedics, diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation. Its branches are located in Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk and Konin. Rehasport Clinic specialists took care of the Polish national team during the Olympics in Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro and Pyeongchang. The clinic has been granted a prestigious medical certificate of the International Football Federation – FIFA Medical Center of Excellence.

– Thank you for trust and understanding of one important issue concerning the theory and impact of medicine on professional sport, and in particular professional tennis of XXI century. A contemporary sport is based on achievements of the modern medicine thanks to which we can support sportspersons. The role of the „medical partner” of the Polish Tennis Association is for us not only a way of treating injuries and preventing them, but also an opportunity to co-create the entire system intended to prepare players for competitions, also in the mental field – said Prof. UM PhD Przemysław Lubiatowski, a deputy president of the board in Rehasport Clinic. – I am convinced that cooperation between PTA and Rehasport Clinic will result in relevant programs which can help young novice athletes enter the world of sport, also the professional sport. Thanks to achievements of the modern medicine, we will soon meet successors of Agnieszka Radwańska or Łukasz Kubot – added Prof. Lubiatowski.

Based on the agreement, selected Polish tennis players will have a chance to undergo a biomechanical functional assessment, orthopedist’s examination, blood count tests, physiologist’s and dietitian’s examinations, medical and rehabilitation-related lectures during training held by PTA, as well as orthopedic injury treatment.