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Rehasport Clinic as a medical partner of Legionovia Legionowo

KS Legionovia Legionowo has joined Rehasport Clinic family! Second-league players from Legionowo will be given professional medical care by the Polish top clinic and outstanding specialists.

Rehasport Clinic not only will provide post-injury professional medical care to Legionovia players, but also preventive treatment. As part of its services, the clinic will perform a Functional Biomechanical Assessment twice a year to help identify overloads or injuries. Additionally, Legionowo footballers can expect a medical care with regard to treating hearing organ injuries as well as diagnostics and rehabilitation – We are happy that we will finally be provided with a professional medical care. I do hope that our players will avoid serious injuries, though. – says Dariusz Ziąbski, a  Legionovia Legionowo president. – Since Rehasport Clinic started rendering its services, both professional and amateur sportspersons have been a very important group of patients. We wish to develop and provide our care to other Polish clubs. Legionovia is a very important member of this group now – adds PhD MD Witold Dudziński, a Rehasport Clinic president.  

Rehasport Clinic is the official Medical Partner of KS Legionovia Legionowo. Legionovia is the second-league football club. It is likely to finish the season 2016/17 at the top of the table.