Rehasport Clinic as a partner of Poland national amputee football team!

Rehasport Clinic is an official orthopedic partner of Poland national amputee football team! – it is great news to us because we can cooperate with a renowned medical partner. Now we can calm down and prepare for the next year’s European championship – says Mateusz Widłak, a head of Amputee Football.

The Poland national amputee players won fans’ hearts during the World Cup in Mexico in 2018. They did not win any medals because they were unlucky and got defeated in the quarter-final in penalty shootout with Angola,  the world championship winner. Next year the European championship will be held in Cracow, and the Poland national team will be supported by the specialists from the world’s renowned sports clinic – Rehasport Clinic. It is the Poland’s first medical center which has been granted the most important certificate of the International Football Federation – FIFA Medical Center of Excellence. – We are very happy that we have signed this agreement because we can now provide our players with best medical support as well as essential prevention. It was one of our goals and we are glad we have managed to achieve it – says Mateusz Widłak, a head of Amputee Football Poland.

– Disabled players competing in sport are true heroes of our times. Every day they solve the same problems as other sportsmen, but they also need to deal with their own disability. And this makes them true gladiators. We support them with utmost respect – says PhD Witold Dudziński, a head of Rehasport Clinic’s board.

Rehasport Clinic is an official medical partner of several sports associations – the Polish Handball Federation, Polish Yachting Association, Polish Tennis Association and Polish Triathlon Association, as well as many clubs from various disciplines. Rehasport Clinic team is composed of orthopedists, radiologists, sports medicine physicians, rehabilitation specialists, surgeons, general practitioners, physiotherapists but also physical coaches, biomechanics specialists, psychologists, dietitians and sports managers. Rehasport Clinic specialists have already took care of members of the Polish team during the Olympics in Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro and Pyongyang.

The agreement between Rehasport Clinic and Poland national amputee football team becomes effective on June 2019 and remains valid for two years.