Rehasport Clinic doctors trained orthopedists from Romania

IMG_9349Rehasport Clinic team of doctors led by PhD Tomasz Piontek trained twelve doctors from Romania for two days under the cadaver course related to ankle joint arthroscopy. Aside from doctor Piontek, doctor Kinga Ciemniewska-Gorzela, doctor Andrzej Pyda and doctor Paweł Bąkowski shared their knowledge. In turn, Magdalena Rajkowska from Smith&Nephew, Katarzyna Zimna from Poznań LAB Institute and doctor Marek Stawniak from Rehasport Clinic contributed to organization of this course. The training was co-organized by Smith&Nephew, the world’s leader in the field of arthroscopic equipment and implants.


– We showed and taught our Romanian colleagues the most important arthroscopic procedures in the knee – said PhD Tomasz Piontek. Classes in the head office of Poznań LAB Institute included both lectures and practical classes. They were devoted to meniscus repair techniques, posterior and anterior cruciate ligaments reconstruction, as well as joint cartilage reconstruction.