Rehasport Clinic medical panel during Lech Conference

Rehasport Clinic specialists, that is PhD Monika Grygorowicz, Józef Napierała (a motor skills trainer) and PhD MD Andrzej Pyda shared their knowledge with trainers attending the great event – Lech Conference.

As a rule Lech Conference is held on Friday in December and precedes the international U-12 football tournament attended by leading European clubs. The event stalls are always filled with over a thousand youth coaches and professional footballers. There is also a place for a medical panel, this year three lectures will be given by representatives of Rehasport Clinic. This is Poland’s only center which holds a top FIFA accreditation – FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.

PhD Monika Grygorowicz, a former Polish football representative and Polish champion and current head of the Research and Development Department in Rehasport Clinic, talked about motor organ injury prevention in football. As a participant of FIFA trainings held in Switzerland, she presented an outline of the program intended to reduce injury rate among young female and male footballers. The key is a suitable prevention. Every coach should realize that children who do sports, in particular football, must not be subject to considerable overloads.

In turn Józef Napierała, a motor skills trainer, discussed the role of central stabilization in the training as well as its preventive function. He presented workouts and outline of trainings to be adopted on the progressiveness basis. Today it is very difficult to be successful in sport if you do not prepare well and without Core Stability. And this is not only about professional sport.

PhD Andrzej Pyda, a long-standing Lech Poznań’s doctor, outlined the growth factors and mother cells as biological “medicaments” in the sport medicine.