Rehasport Clinic – Rio de Janeiro in 2016!

RIO 2016 flaga olimpijskaThe Olympic Games are the concluding final of a four year Olympic preparation period which represents the  most important sporting event in the world. Being its participant is a unique honor, reward and a privileged certificate of belonging to a profound sport’s elite. The glory of an  Olympic medal is second to none, and every day spent among athletes from all over the globe remains a never-ending  memory.

The officially established Polish representation at the XXXI Summer Olympic Games from Rehasport Clinic consisted of seven appointed people:

Dr. Witold Dudziński
Dr. Tomasz Owczarski

Dr. Milena Lachowicz

Maciej Biegański
Radosław Hojszyk
Mateusz Potoczny
(In the end Bartosz Kiedrowski did not receive an Olympic nomination, as his players had failed to obtain the required minimum Olympic qualification towards the end of the classification period. Nonetheless, Bartek had continuously been appointed to the Olympic team over the period of  four years, therefore his effort and loyal work requires special attention and acknowledgment).

Trainer of physical preparation:
Mariusz Goliński

For us, Rio 2016 corresponded with the professional care of handball players, who have continuously been called ‘gladiators’ by their fans. We were all able to follow the devotion of dr Owczarski, whose experience effectively lifted injured heroes from despair and led to success which had long been awaited for over 40 years. Rio was also the healthcare for  athletes, sailors and rowers. Without the help of Mateusz Potoczny, the final stage of preparation for the Olympic gold in women’s doubles would have probably been a lot harder. Our physiotherapists had worked in the Olympic village from dusk till dawn, helping athletes of many disciplines, who in return responded in  gratitude and appreciation.

Rio 2016  also meant  great responsibility and stress associated with serious health risks and threats resulting from the venue itself. The whole world lived on standby due to the problem of  Zika, Deng and adenoviruses present in the polluted waters of Guanabara bay. Despite this,  all athletes who had been under the care of Rehasport Clinic specialists were able to participate in the games and had returned to Poland in full health. Such an outcome is surely  a great medical success of Rehasport Clinic.

It is a privilege and honor to be able to take the Olympic oath alongside the best Polish athletes, a merit to be appointed as a member of the Olympic games and a certificate of trust for the whole community of Rehasport Clinic. It must be mentioned that the nomination of such a large group of people from Rehasport Clinic had been awarded due to the dedication of countless people over the course of many years. Starting from the Olympic Games in Athens, then Beijing and London, and finally Rio de Janeiro, not to mention our struggles throughout winter sports which all together had  gained the mutual trust of Polish sport.

Rehasport Clinic highly qualified surgeons have operated hundreds of injured athletes and guided  thousands of sportsmen through their rehabilitation treatment programs. Due to this, Rehasport Clinic standards of healthcare have obtained Olympic elite recognition. Over the past Olympic years, our concern has also been to cater for the comfort and care of the whole Olympic family. In cooperation with the Polish Olympic Committee, the Research Centre of Sports Medicine, the Ministry of Sport and the Institute of Sports, we have organized a number of conferences, lectures, seminars and training sessions in sports medicine  to share and develop know-how, without which success in sport nowadays would be impossible.

Within the last four years we as Rehasport Clinic have introduced innovative procedures in the field of sports medicine which have gained worldwide acknowledgement. Modern methods of treatment, rehabilitation, physical preparation and mental training have built a unique methodology and culture of care for the competitive player. Such a philosophy of care “by Rehasport”  is also reflected in the treatment of each regular patient who places trust in our healthcare procedures. At this point I would like to thank the entire community of Rehasport Clinic for their effort and dedication throughout the past Olympic years. Together we have managed to lead Rehasport Clinic to the doors of success. Together we have created a  representation of us all at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games which symbolically reflects  the vocation of each and every one of us starting from  doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists, through managers, medical caretakers , administration and the entire technical staff of Rehasport Clinic.

With the Olympic flame burning out we have opened another period of Olympic preparation, this time in Tokyo, which will surely prove to be wonderful.

The history of Rehasport is invariably involved with the Olympic cycles. Therefore, the year 2004 is not only the year of the establishment of our clinic, yet is also a symbolic beginning of our own torch that symbolizes a team of rebellious,  innovative and clever people who work hard to keep the flame burning for the benefit of Polish sport and the unique development of humanity.

MD, PhD. Witold Dudziński