Rehasport Clinic the medical partner of Trefl Gdańsk

Rehasport Clinic has become the Medical partner of Gdansk’s volleyball team. The Tri-City clinic has assured care in the field of research, musculoskeletal injuries , nutrition and diet supplementation of first league players and youth groups .


– It is one of the best clinics in the Tri-City , which not only deals with professional athletes, yet  individual clients as well . We are fully satisfied with our cooperation and  hope for its continuation . Rehasport Clinic provides great experts , which we had the opportunity to cooperate with when spinning in the first phase of the preparatory period – said Wojciech Sibiga, physical coach of Lotos Trefl Gdańsk.

Rehasport  Clinic has provided medical care for the whole  Gdańsk team – from seniors, the young league ,to the youth teams .

-The health of our players is most important for us, therefore we wished to cooperate with a fully professional clinic . We expect that the services Rehasport Clinic will provide us with shall most of all be concerned with preventive treatment  and examinations, resulting in the maximum elimination of  injuries among our players  – said Piotr Proper , CEO of Lotus Trefl .

Rehasport Clinic was established in 2004 . Last year, Rehasport Clinic performed nearly one thousand operations, whereas offices of doctors and physiotherapists are visited by nearly three thousand patients monthly.