Rehasport Clinic with Polish national team

Niemcy - PolskaTwo Rehasport Clinic specialists – doctor Paweł Sokołowicz and Mateusz Potoczny – provided medical care to Polish national team during the women’s EURO in Sweden. Polish representatives, the fourth team during previous world’s championship, were eliminated from the tournament after the first group stage.  

It was not the best tournament for Poland but we have to admit that our team was composed of very young players. What is more our team got to a very strong group with the Dutch, current world’s vice champions, the French, vice champions during the Olympics in Rio, and Germans who have been rebuilding their strength. Leszek Krowicki’s players lost their first match against France (22:31) and then were defeated by the Netherlands (21:30), and in the “last-resort” match were unable to beat Germans (22:23). The match was dramatic, Polish players had a one-goal advantage in the last minutes of the match, the victory – as it turned out later – guaranteed promotion to another round. Sadly it was their competitors who scored twice afterwards.

A very young Polish national team, led for the first time during a big sport event by Leszek Krowicki, was supported by two Rehasport Clinic specialists: doctor Paweł Sokołowicz, the team’s head doctor, and Mateusz Potoczy, a physiotherapist.

Rehasport Clinic is an official medical partner of the Polish Handball Federation.

In the main picture: Polish national team, first from the left – coach Leszek Krowicki, behind him – Mateusz Potoczny and next to him – doctor Paweł Sokołowicz.

Pictures taken by Łukasz Laskowski/Pressfocus/Polish Handball Federation/