Rehasport during the Lech Conference and Lech Cup

The Lech Conference will be held this year for the fourth time.


Lech Conference 2012 – w Arenie wykładom przysłuchiwało się ponad tysiąc osób szkolących dzieci.

The Lech Conference 2012 –more than a thousand children’s coaches from all across Poland took part in the Arena lectures in December 2012. Football is the most popular sport in the world, but success it is dependent on the proper development of young players. It is in this sport that various scientific fields, such as medicine, physiology, biomechanics, dietetics and psychology combine. During the Lech Conference 2013, coaches from Lech Poznan, Dinamo Zagreb, Feyenoord Rotterdam and Manchester United will give lectures on speed. Whereas, Wojciech Zep, the Rehasport Clinic nutrition specialist, who is working with the first team of Lech Poznan, will talk about diet and various supplementation methods for increasing the speed of  players.







Lech Cup 2013 –  a fragment of the Borussia Dortmund – FC Barcelona match

On Saturday and Sunday  the Lech Cup tournament  will take place with participants from leading U -12 teams from all over Europe. In this group are highly recognized teams of the Old Continent, including Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea FC, ​​Olympique de Marseille, Manchester United, Galatasaray Istanbul and Spain’s Villarreal Botnia. Time and place: Arena, Saturday from 9 am to 5:30pm, and Sunday  playoffs from 8.30 am to 4pm.






Badanie piłkarzy Lecha – Gergo Lovrencsics podczas testów na Delosie

Lech Footballer’s examinations – Gergo Lovrencsics during the Delos test.

During this time, from the left side of entrance A, there will be a Rehasport Clinic stand with several attractions. One of which will be the possibility to  see the devices on which players, such as for example

‘Kolejorz”,  undergo regular tests. Those interested will be able to try to pass such a test. It will include elements of biomechanical functional assessment (Delos Riva Test and FMS), physiotherapy consultation and an evaluation of fat and lean body mass (study of body composition).

The Delos Riva Test and FMS may seem to sound strange.The  Delos system allows to assess the ability to maintain a patient’s balance, by standing on one leg on the floor or on a moving platform. FMS, however,  is a set of seven tests that give the opportunity to assess the quality of movement patterns and indicates weaker links in the body, being more susceptible to injury.

The person who obtains the highest score in the Delos Test will be able to undergo a complete biomechanical assessment test at  Rehasport Clinic .