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Rehasport Miniclinic for every runner – on Saturday!


Dear marathon runner! If you need medical consultation before your marathon, visit Rehasport Miniclinic during Poznań Sport Fair. Our experts will be at your disposal on Saturday, 10 October, on MTP grounds. 

 There is a number of benefits related to running – you surely know them well. Every runner however may have certain doubts which intensify shortly before such challenging distance as a marathon. Will my knee joint withstand considerable loads? Will my previous ankle injuries come back? In the end – how will my feet deal with blisters and corns? Answers to these questions will be given by physicians and physiotherapists from Rehasport Clinic.

In our Rehasport Miniclinic, USG scans are carried out by the diagnostic imaging specialist, doctor Tomasz Krupecki (office hours 11:00am-3:00pm). The orthopedic pieces of advice will be given by doctor Maria Wolff-Stefaniak (office hours 1:00pm-7:00pm) and doctor Andrzej Pyda (office hours 10:30am-1:30pm) who have a comprehensive knowledge of sport and effort-related issues, also in practice. Doctor Maria Wolff-Stefaniak is currently the Polish champion of doctors in MTB triathlon, whereas doctor Andrzej Pyda is the twelfth participant of the Individual Polish Championship Open in Squash. Based on the physicians’ recommendations, a team of physiotherapists will show you exercises which you can do on your own at home to prepare for running better and reduce the risk of sustaining injuries.

Note! From 11am to 3pm our experts will focus on the comprehensive examination of Achilles tendon!

Rehasport Miniclinic can be found during Poznań Sport Fair on Saturday, 10 October, on MTP grounds, and visited from the morning to the evening. Next day PKO Poznań Marathon will start and will be completed!