Current Projects

Current topics of research conducted by Rehasport Clinic:

  • Implemented in cooperation with European research centers as the 7 Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of a 3D- image processing system for helping physicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of scoliosis – implemented in collaboration with the Department and Clinic of Hand Surgery in Poznan
  • Characteristics of risk factors for shoulder damage in projective disciplines – 2011/01/B/NZ7/03596 , funded by the National Science Centre in Krakow
  • A comprehensive assessment of the shoulder after treatment of encrusted shoulder dislocation
  • Functional assessment of patients after surgical treatment of rotator cuff lesions
  • Assessment of shoulder function among patients with instability of the shoulder treated with arthroscopic labrum- capsularis stabilization.
  • Analysis of risk factors and evaluation of the effectiveness of prevention programs, damage of the shoulder joint among athletes of different sports
  • Analysis of shoulder joint proprioception

Conducted in cooperation with the Department and Clinic of Pediatric Orthopaedics AM in Poznan:

  • Evaluation of proprioception after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the treatment of knee instability
  • Comparison of conservative and surgical treatment of ankle instability
  • Identifying the causes of injury and the evaluation of the effectiveness of physiotherapy among patients with pain in the front knee joint
  • Prevention of the development of degenerative changes in the knee by meniscus reconstruction with autologous tendon graft rectus femoris
  • Research on the standardization of measurement techniques of posture among children