EEG Biofeedback

A modern method of neurotherapy, improving the efficiency of the brain and increasing the level of self-control over the processes in the body. It is recommended to pupils, athletes, students and managers – all those for whom mental performance it is important.


  • Concentration improvement,
  • faster decision making,
  • better memory,
  • faster and more effective learning,
  • higher stress resistance,
  • deeper and more easily attainable relaxation , better sleep quality,
  • higher self-esteem, greater self-confidence,
  • better self-control,
  • greater creativity, easier shift to creative thinking.

Indications for biofeedback

  • Psychomotor hyperactivity disorder (ADHD ),
  • Problems with concentration , ADD, memory problems,
  • learning disorders (difficulty in school),
  • sleep disorders,
  • psychosomatic disorders,
  • anxiety and panic attacks,
  • strokes, cranial trauma,
  • retardation, disablement,
  • autism, Asperger’s syndrome,
  • migraine,
  • stress and post-traumatic stress,
  • cerebral palsy,
  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia units,
  • for older people: upholding mental awareness disorders of speech, stuttering, aphasia.

Who is biofeedback for?

  • Children and young people: for better results in learning,
  • people after injury, stroke: as neuropsychological rehabilitation,
  • athletes, artists, soldiers, police officers – as mental training,
  • people working mentally, taking many decisions and processing a large amount of information daily,
  • people under pressure: to regain emotional and mental balance,
  • older people: to preserve mental function.