Magnetic resonance

MRI is another noninvasive method of imaging structures of the human body.

Rehasport Clinic in Poznan has one of the most highly advanced magnetic resonance laboratory’s in Poland. Siemens has provided us with a new device: MAGNETOM Spectra 3T (3- Tesla ), which uses modern technology and technical solutions. The accuracy of imaging largely depends on how strong the magnetic field is. The magnetic resonance imaging device which is used by Rehasport Clinic, generates a magnetic field of 3 Tesla inductances (3T). As a result, the accuracy is by two to fifteen times higher than most devices used in Poland.

This means groundbreaking quality of image improvement, and therefore more relevant and more comprehensive diagnostics . One of few magnetic resonance imaging devices in Poland is located in Rehasport Clinic Poznan and is well prepared for functional reseach.

Rezonans Magnetyczny 3T

Patient’s results are stored in the electronic form and Rehasport Clinic doctors have access to them in their offices.

Why should you do the magnetic resonance imaging examination in Rehasport Clinic?

  • High precision thanks to the latest technology by Siemens MAGNETOM Spectra 3T
  • From two to fifteen times higher accuracy in image thanks to a strong magnetic field of 3 Tesla inductance (3T)
  • Higher accuracy of diagnosis thanks to a highly specialized team
  • Greater patient comfort by focusing all of the key techniques under one roof
  • More comprehensive patient care through accountability for the entire process of treatment from diagnosis, through consultation, treatment and rehabilitation
  • A short waiting list

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