Medical examinations for athletes

Medical examinations for athletes

Who should be examined?

All athletes, who want to start, or continue qualified competitive sports activity organized or carried out by the Polish sports federation, or entities acting under its authority, must undergo medical examinations.

The same obligation is imposed on coaches, trainers and referees of specific sports disciplines.

When should the examinations be conducted?

Examinations should be done prior to training and periodically every six months. Of course, examinations should also be done after injury or long illness.

It should be noted, that examinations are necessary to start and continue training, and are not only a sports event admission. Unfortunately, ‘last minute’ examinations are widespread, and in many cases, the blame for this state of affairs is set upon coaches who do not enforce the obligation of medical examinations as a condition of training admission.

Who can give permission to start or continue training?

Only appropriately certified doctors or specialists in sports medicine, and certified Polish Society of Sports Medicine doctors. Only specialist doctors have decisive authority.

At the same time, it is worth knowing that a regular doctor who issues individual permission to play sports violates the law and exceeds his authority. In the case of injury, an athlete who has received such permission, from such a doctor will be refused insurance compensation by the insurance company.

What are the legal considerations regarding medical-sports counseling?

The obligation to carry out medical sports examinations is imposed by law, in the July 29, 2005 legal regulation. It specifies who, and under what conditions should be examined. The qualifications necessary for doctors to become certified and authorized in sports medicine are stated in the September 2007 Minister of Sport Regulation.

The scope and frequency of examinations necessary to be issued and indicating the absence of any contraindications for performing sports, is specified in the Ordinance of the Minister of Health, 22 December 2004, and the last amendment of this Ordinance is dated 23 March 2009: “Regulation on the scope of necessary frequency and conducted procedures for the permission to perform a particular sport by children and young people up to the age of 21, and by players between 21 and 23 years of age” (Journal of Laws No. , item . 483)