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Medical Rehabilitation

A medical rehabilitation is a comprehensive and long-lasting assistance intended for people who suffer from physical or mental disorders. This kind of treatment is aimed at minimizing bothersome consequences of a disease and raising the quality of life. The orthopedic rehabilitation is one of the methods used in this respect. It is implemented among others after surgeries, traumas, injuries related to sport, e.g. bone fractures, dislocations, sprains, overloaded spine, tendon inflammations.

Manual therapy – effective form of rehabilitation

A manual therapy is a commonly used rehabilitation method concerned with pressing specific points of the body in order to have a muscle balance. This method is particularly effective in joint and spine rehabilitation processes.

The orthopedic rehabilitation involves such actions as assessment of patient’s health, therapy preventing intensification or occurrence of pain, health-promoting trainings. If implemented early enough, the rehabilitation influences the tissue reconstruction process and therefore reduces the pain and discomfort. The rehabilitation boosts recovery and is required for bad posture correction.

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