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In the world of professional sport, eating habit is the base of the success. The awareness of eating habits and their consequences for health and exercise capacity are the base of functioning. Therefore, I invite you to make use of the knowledge and experience of sports dieticians. 

Eat smart!

Proper eating and supplements are the basis for the healthy lifestyle, conscious positive sports results and good mood. Eating disorders or badly-prepared diet frequently affect our physical abilities and our mental condition. 

There are numerous eating strategies aiming to achieve a desired goal. Conscious preparation of the eating plan and following eating hints is aimed at providing a sufficient amount of energy to let our muscles work, more effective adaptation to the effort, protection of muscles against catabolism, fostering post-effort regeneration, and in the process of preparing for competition – increasing the resources of muscle glycogen. 

Thanks to control of the supply of energy, it is possible to maintain the regular body weight or, if not required, reduce the body weight and reduce the risk of injuries. The diet, both in the period of direct sport preparation and in the training, should be prepared on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the sportsperson’s needs and preferences.


The most important aspect of eating among sportspersons, yet often ignored by many, is organism dehydration. Even a minor degree of dehydration may have a negative influence on your physical abilities, muscle cramps, and in extreme cases may cause awareness disorders, kidney issues, or death.  

The loss of liquids during a physical effort reduces your exercise capacity both with respect to muscle strength and stamina.


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