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Orthopedics is a field of medicine which primarily focuses on motor organs, that is diagnosing and treating skeletal bone diseases, related muscles, joints, ligaments and vessels and nerves diseases. Rehasport Clinic is one of the Polish top centers which specialize in diagnostics, treatment (also surgical) of the above-stated issues.

Orthopedics deals with congenital motor organ defects (e.g. spinal curvature) and injuries. Sportspersons are highly susceptible to injuries. All Rehasport Clinic patients can be sure our orthopedists and physiotherapists will do their utmost to help them regain fitness as soon as possible. Orthopedics in Rehasport Clinic involves a comprehensive medical care which starts with a consultancy and diagnosis. During and after the treatment the patient is always supervised under a watchful eye of our orthopedist. Patients who follow orthopedist’s guidelines are able to heal all their orthopedic disorders in short time.

Orthopedics – services

Rehasport Clinic provides the following services:

  • Knee arthroscopy,
  • Shoulder arthroscopy,
  • Hip replacement surgery,
  • Knee replacement surgery,
  • Cruciate ligament reconstruction,
  • Bone fracture treatment,
  • Spinal curvature treatment,
  • Orthopedic consultancies.

Our orthopedists see patients in 4 Polish cities

To have a consultancy, diagnosis and orthopedic treatment, please visit Rehasport Clinic in Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk and Konin. All our centers employ competent orthopedists who have a long-standing experience and diplomas granted by Polish and foreign medical universities.


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