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Pediatric orthopedics

In their everyday work, pediatric orthopedists are responsible for diagnosing and treating motor organ diseases. The most common disorders are congenital upper and lower limb defects, including hip dysplasia and congenital posture defects such as spinal curvature and knock knees. Pediatric orthopedics in Rehasport Clinic employs specialists who can treat pediatric disorders and prevent their recurrence.

Pediatric orthopedics in Poland

In Rehasport Clinic in Poznań pediatric orthopedics focuses on a precise diagnostics with the use of a specialist equipment combined with a comprehensive knowledge and long-standing experience of the medical team. The orthopedic clinic for children operates in our centers in the following cities: Poznań, Konin, Gdańsk and Warsaw. We offer private consultancies thanks to which you can easily avoid long queues and have fast orthopedic assistance.

Why is the importance of  pediatric orthopedics in child’s life?

Making a proper diagnosis by a pediatric orthopedist as well as immediate implementation of a suitable treatment method are crucial as they determine whether a patient recovers fully and whether any discomfort and pain vanish. The pediatric orthopedist must be properly trained and prepared for treating children and is a specialist in the field of pediatric disorders. The pediatric orthopedist must have a friendly approach to children, thanks to which the appointment and treatment are comfortable to a child.

Specialist orthopedic clinic for children

We kindly invite to our clinic all parents who want to make sure the first hip ultrasound scan is performed precisely and the child itself feels comfortable. We also wish to invite parents of primary school children and teenagers as they are highly prone to bad posture problem. We will help you take care of your children’s health and mobility while our pediatric orthopedist will teach them suitable habits related to posture and provide preventive support.


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