Medical Consultations


Rehasport Clinic Pediatric Care Center is a modern facility intended for children care. Our physicians and nurses are the best and well-selected medical employees who possess top qualifications and long-standing experience. Our priority is to provide your child with proper development.   

Rehasport Clinic Pediatric Care Center:

  • assures comprehensive assessment of child’s development and prevention during each visit,
  • prepares a schedule of protective vaccinations on a case-by-case basis and assures its completion,
  • provides medical service to children with the following at-risk groups: premature babies, children with chronic diseases and perinatal disorders

Range of services rendered by the Pedriatric Care Center

Rehasport Clinic Pediatric Care Center provides a comprehensive care to a sick child, including:

  • diagnosing and treating childhood sicknesses,
  • carrying out additional examinations, including ultrasound scans and laboratory tests,
  • emergency medical service: giving medicaments, parenteral hydration,
  • motor rehabilitation,
  • case-by-case care for children with at-risk groups.


Preventive vaccination

Optimal protective vaccinations reduce the risk of serious infections because a small child’s immunological system is immature, and it is highly likely to be infected in the first two years of its life. In order to avoid serious diseases, the Pedriatric Care Center provides each child with its own vaccination schedule and assures its completion.   

Parent, remember!

Vaccination-related visits are a good opportunity to:

  • assess the child’s development,
  • evaluate the increase in body weight,
  • establish the best eating method.


Recommended child’s visit schedule

  • up to the 4th week:
      • hip joints ultrasound scan
  • child aged 6 weeks:
  • first vaccination. Establishing the individual vaccination schedule (DTP, HIB, IPV, WZW, anti-pneumococci, anti-rotavirus),
  • assessment of psychomotor development,
  • assessment of increase in body weight.
  • Child aged 3 months:
  • further protective vaccinations,
  • assessment of psychomotor development,
  • assessment of increase in body weight,
  • another hip joints ultrasound scan.
  • Child aged 4-5 months:
  • further protective vaccinations
  • assessment of psychomotor development
  • assessment of increase in body weight
  • establishing eating methods – first new products
  • Child aged 6-7 months:
  • further obligatory and recommended vaccinations,
  • assessment of psychomotor development,
  • assessment of increase in body weight,
  • establishing further eating
  • Child aged up to 1:
      • check-up (after about 3 months following the previous one)
  • Child aged 13-15 months:
      • further protective vaccinations (MMR, anti-pneumococci, anti-chickenpox).
  • Child aged 16-18 months:
      • further vaccinations started in the first year of life and recommended vaccinations in accordance with customized schedule.
  • Child aged 19-21 months and onwards
      • another preventive visit schedule established on a case-by-case basis, depending on the child’s health condition.


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