Preseason evaluation of skiers’ and snowboarding enthusiasts’ physical fitness

Badania dla narciarza i snowboardzistyAre you going to get crazy on the ski slope? Check if you are ready to do so.

Before you go to the mountains, you should focus not only on your winter equipment and warm clothes, but above all your own health. Every winter our orthopedists are visited by hundreds of patients suffering from typical winter injuries. Many of these injuries could be prevented if people underwent relevant examinations before the season.

The examinations have been prepared with skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts in mind. Thanks to advanced equipment and methods, we are capable of specifying your weak points which must be eliminated in order to reduce the injury risk. We will check strength and resistance of your muscles, range of movements in your joints, see how your legs work during skiing-like exercises. You will be provided with a comprehensive report on test results and in-depth analysis.

Prepare for winter season

The preseason evaluation is composed of four major points used to analyze winter season preparation level. These are the following:

  • Detailed medical history
  • Muscle strength and resistance check
  • Joint movement range check
  • Evaluation of legs during skiing-like/snowboarding-like exercises

Once the aforesaid procedures have been performed, we will prepare a report which summarizes the test and analyzes results.

The examination is 90 minutes long.

To supplement the above-stated examination, we will create a training plan based on the report results. Such additional appointment lasts 30 minutes and costs 60 zlotys.

What can you gain?

  • We will check if you are prepared for the season physically.
  • You will be provided with a report which stresses your weak points.
  • We will prepare a training plan for you.

Who is the examination intended for?

The examination is intended for the following:

  • Persons who want to go skiing or snowboarding
  • Persons aged 14 onwards
  • Women and men, regardless of their physical fitness

Where can I undergo such examination?

You can do this in Rehasport Clinic in Poznań, Gdańsk and Warsaw.

How long is the examination?

It takes 90 minutes. To supplement the examination, we create a training plan. Such additional appointment lasts 30 minutes (if you arrange it in advance, the appointment may take place on the same day).

How to prepare for the examination?

All you need to do is take your own sport clothes.

What is the price?

Examination: 199 zlotys
Individual training plan: 60 zlotys (examination required)