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Spine diseases are diseases of affluence because most of our population have to deal with them. They partially arise from factors we can control, that is sedentary lifestyle, overweight, lack of physical activity. The common cause of these diseases is congenital posture defects. Spine pains hinder everyday life and must be examined by a doctor. The earlier you start treating spine disease, the sooner you will be able to prevent its growth and counteract negative consequences.

Spine rehabilitation and physical activity

Before you start spine disease treatment, a doctor must make a precise diagnosis. Next an orthopedist will choose proper treatment methods. Spine rehabilitation and physical activity supervised by a physiotherapist turn out to be highly effective. If you follow doctors’ and physiotherapists’ recommendations, you can avoid surgical treatment. If non-invasive methods prove to be ineffective, the doctor refers the patient for spine surgery.

In Rehasport Clinic you can be sure spine disease treatment will be conducted by the best specialists. We have a modern diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment as well as operating theaters which guarantee the world’s top-class medical care.

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Spine structure and cervical spine degeneracy


A spine is part of the skeleton and forms its main axis and support. It is made of 33-34 vertebrae which range from the head to coccyx. The human spine can be divided into five sections:

  • cervical section (red),
  • thoracic section (blue),
  • lumbar section (yellow),
  • cruciate section (green),
  • coccyx section (purple).

The basic elements which form the spine are called vertebrae. Between centrums of further vertebrae are intervertebral discs, often referred to as disks. Their primary task is to absorb shock as well as assure mobility of the neighboring vertebrae.

Distinctive spine diseases and damage:

  • mechanical spine pain – slipped disk,
  • scoliosis,
  • spine injuries,
  • spine cancers,

More and more people suffer from cervical spine degeneracy whose first symptom is a neck ache. You must not ignore a chronic pain and remember to consult a specialist. If you underestimate the symptoms, cervical spine may get immobilized. To avoid a degeneracy risk, remember about proper prevention, such as suitable cushion, lack of neck loads, treating spinal curvature and proper sitting position.


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