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Sports Medicine

It encompasses all processes occurring in the human organism as a result of physical activity or lack of physical activity. The doctors who specialize in this branch of medicine aim to give medical care to people who are physically active (healthy, sick, at all stages of their life). Sports medicine physicians deal with not only players and sportspersons, but also persons who are physically active and those who should be physically active.

It includes the following:

  • qualification for doing sport aimed at excluding potential health-related counter-indications essential for a given sport discipline;
  • periodic check-ups for sportspersons, which identify potential modifications that occur in the organism under the influence of a given sports discipline;
  • optimizing eating and trainings among sportspersons;
  • controlling the effects of training methods used;
  • eliminating forbidden support of physical capabilities – dopes;
  • preventing injuries;
  • treating body damage resulting from doing a sport;
  • rehabilitation and biological regeneration.

The sports medicine takes advantage of achievements in the field of general surgery, orthopedics and traumatology of bones and joints, pediatrics, internal diseases, cardiology, as well as biology, bio-chemistry, exercise physiology, anthropology, psychology, hygiene, dietetics, and sport training methodology.

Sport medicine – what are examinations like?

During the first appointment, you should expect comprehensive and detailed examination of your health and physical fitness. Basic examinations involve general urinary test and blood test (blood cell count, ESR, glucose level check). Other tests differ, depending on a specific sport discipline. Sport medicine in Rehasport Clinic is available in Poznań, Konin and Gdańsk. A sport clinic must be visited especially by those who intend to start doing sports.


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