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When travelling around the world, we are exposed to an attack of microorganisms which may cause serious infectious diseases. Therefore, we should prepare for such travels, also in medical terms. Rehasport Clinic Travel Medicine Center helps patients minimize the risk of infection. The most effective and safest way of securing against serious diseases, also called tropical, are vaccinations. They should be used 6-8 weeks before the travel. But there is more to assure effectiveness. During individual consulting meetings, Rehasport Clinic specialists:

  • identify health hazards, depending on the destination,
  • choose a type and number of protective vaccinations,
  • establish a special vaccination schedule and type of vaccination, depending on age, health condition and medicines taken.

Rehasport Clinic also provides professional medical advise – both to children and adults – concerning preparation for travelling to countries located in a different climatic zone.

Scope of services rendered by Rehasport Clinic Travel Medicine Center:

  • informing about potential health-related hazards, depending on the destination, length and nature of the stay,
  • establishing personalized protective vaccination schedules for adults, children and youth before moving to countries located in a different climatic zone,
  • issuing the International Certificate of Vaccination applicable when travelling to certain countries,
  • choosing a proper prevention measures against malaria, depending on the age of a traveler and route of the travel.
  • Selecting medical means necessary when travelling.


In Rehasport Clinic it is possible to have protective vaccines against:

  • diphtheria,
  • tetanus,
  • whooping cough,
  • poliomeylitis,
  • measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • chickenpox,
  • viral hepatitis A and B,
  • meningitis infection,
  • typhoid,
  • cholera,
  • yellow fever,

All vaccines are available on the premises.

Vaccinations are provided once the medical examinations in the properly-equipped treatment room have been carried out. Each vaccinated person will be provided with a certificate of the examination, and in the case of children – they will make an entry into the child’s medical record book 

Traveler, remember!

You should visit the Travel Medicine Center for the first time 6-8 weeks before the travel. Thanks to this, you will be able to follow all prevention recommendations safely and in a suitable time.


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