Rehabilitation treatment plan

Your rehabilitation treatment plan

A surgical procedure is just the beginning of your treatment. The final stage of recovery is assessed after completing your rehabilitation program. Based on years of experience and collaboration with the best athletes, we have prepared advanced rehabilitation programs which shall allow you to return to maximum recovery in a fast and safe manner. Inappropriate rehabilitation may destroy all the effort put into the patient’s treatment plan by the orthopedist and ultimately lead to a follow-up surgical procedure. Beyond comprehensive care of the orthopedist, physiotherapist and motor skills trainer, a rehabilitation treatment program also includes Biomechanical Functional Assessment which can objectively evaluate and monitor your progress.Your Rehabilitation Treatment Plan
Rehabilitation may  last from several weeks to several months. The time of duration depends on many factors – the type of surgery, your age, commitment and expectations. In Rehasport Clinic, we have prepared unique rehabilitation and sports programs, tailored to your post-surgical treatment. They are complemented by Biomechanical Functional Assessment Tests, which are necessary to control your progress and determine when you are able to return to physical activity.