All modern training systems in the world are supported by medicine. Therefore, also Polish athletes require specialized medical sports care. In Rehasport Clinic have developed a model of care which is described by the Pyramid of Success, and is performed by our Rehasport Clinic mediacl team.

Competitive sportsmen

Rehasport Clinic was the first center in Poland to offer competitive sportsmen full and over all care by taking into account the latest global medical knowledge to support the training process.

Rehasport Clinic is proud and grateful that athletes, for whom health is the most important and necessary factor of success, place trust in our Clinic. Therefore, we provide only the best specialists from various fields.

The entire medical team of our clinic works according to the Rehasport Clinic Pyramid of Success, in which we have put together in individual elements of the training process, whose systematic use in competitive sport and can significantly increase the performance level of the player or team.

As in any field of life, including sport training, control tools are of importance. These allow an objective diagnosis of the biomechanical and physiological parameters of the body. In Rehasport Clinic, we use advanced auditing systems, examining proprioception, namely muscle strength. The combination of these tools, with traditional laboratory and viability tests, provides the coaching group with a full picture of the body of the player, and thus allows a precise selection of training loads.


In today’s modern world, the difference between competitive and amateur sport is becoming smaller, and as a result, many amateur sportsmen are placing higher demands on equipment being used and the whole training process itself. As a result also professional medical care is expected. Therefore, all services of Rehasport Clinic dedicated to high-performance athletes in accordance with the highest standards demanded in professional sports, are also offered to amateur athletes. Each sportsman is offered individually tailored care, which meets their needs and requirements, regardless of the sport being practiced.

Please remember that the medical team of Rehasport Clinic approaches each patient as if he/she were an Olympic Medalist or World Champion!


The Rehasport Clinic Pyramid of Success, created and implemented in our clinic, describes a model of care for athletes. In addition to taking care of the health of players, our medical team is also responsible for athlete’s diet and supplementation program during training and tournaments, as diet and supplementation are the foundation of our pyramid.

Another important stage is the player skillfully handling physiological parameters, which are collected in a so-called daily data register.

We actively support the physical training of players, especially in terms of appropriate neurophysiological preparation. We also deal with what ultimately determines the success of sports, namely appropriate mental preparation.