Rehasport Clinic, one of the most modern and renowned medical centers in Poland. Our medical team consists of excellent professionals, who treat Polish masters of sport, will make every effort to ensure that your treatment and rehabilitation will be completely  successful.

Rehasport Clinic offers a selected team of professionals with years of experience, whose only concern is to provide you with effective treatment in a comfortable environment and rehabilitation at the highest possible level, in order to regain full fitness and return to daily activities.

The foundation for effective treatment and rapid rehabilitation is good cooperation between the patient and the clinic staff. Please read the following information which will explain the various stages of the treatment process in Rehasport Clinic.

The first phase of the treatment process in Rehasport Clinic is to prepare the patient for surgery. After determining the date of your surgery we carry out necessary examinations. The surgery date is confirmed two days before the procedure. When signing up for surgery, please remember to provide us with your complete medical records, along with ultrasound results, X-ray and MRI, as well as a list of any medication being taken.

The second stage of our cooperation is surgery, and postoperative management. Doctors, physiotherapists, nurses , and a psychologist will take care of you, thanks to which your treatment will be effective.

In Rehasport Clinic, we follow the highest trends of worldwide medicine, by placing great importance on postoperative rehabilitation. Therefore, the third phase of treatment begins with establishing a physiotherapy plan – setting its objectives and tools necessary for patients to return to full fitness.

Rehabilitation is as important as surgery, however, has crucial importance for the final outcome and largely depends on the success of your treatment.

Our whole staff is at your disposal during treatment at Rehasport Clinic. Please forward any questions, requests and comments related to the Clinic to: telephone at the numbers 61 833 89 89 and 665 57 57 57, e-mail:

We want to continually improve the quality of our medical services, therefore we appreciate any suggestions and ideas for further development and care.