Skiing or snowboarding in a couple of weeks? Think about it today – we have prepared a special program for you!

Przedsezonowa ocena kondycji narciarza i snowboardzistyAre you going to ski or snowboard this winter? In Rehasport Clinic everyone can examine their skills and fitness as well as find out what to do to make their holiday fantastic. To do so, our specialists have prepared a special program.

Maciej Biegański, a Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist, has taken care of Polish top athletes during most important events, such as the World Championship in Beijing or Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Based on his own experience, including skiing experience, he has prepared a set of tests intended to examine patients’ health and show further steps before going skiing – the entire program lasts about 90 minutes and provides a considerable knowledge. We start with an interview, talk with a patient about his/her expectations and goals.

FMS – Evaluation of seven basic movement models, such as knee bend or push-up.

The first stage of our work is FMS test, that is seven basic movement tasks intended to evaluate the quality of movements and show potential irregularities with regard to stabilization and pain. These are simple things but form a full screening. Also professional sportspersons undergo such examination – says Maciej Biegański.

A star test

The second stage is SEBT, that is Star Excursion Balance Test, also referred to as “star”. – You need to stand on one leg and try to stretch another leg as far as possible. This way you can check a balance because after all when you ski you usually overload one leg only.

We observe movements of your torso, legs stability as well as check if your knee goes inwards and how your hip works – says Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist.

Landing Error Scoring System
The third stage of examining patients is LESS, that is Landing Error Scoring System. – You start with a jump down from 30 cm (half-body height), and then you jump up automatically. This way we can examine landing mechanism, check how your knee and backbone work, because they happen to be more overloaded. It is a subjective assessment but objective data are given by the last element, that is Biodex system – assures Biegański. This is all about evaluating muscle strength and resistance as well as comparing left and right legs and ischiocrural muscles with biceps muscles. If there are any irregularities, you may be susceptible to injuries.

– Creating this program, my priority was to provide patients with a large amount of information on what they need to do to enjoy a safe holiday in the mountains. The primary goal is to show how their knees work, check any irregularities. It’s good to know it, if you are well-prepared, you can avoid a long-term break due to injury – says Maciej Biegański. Patients are given feedback on what they are missing.

Training plan for skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts

If you have your test results, it is possible to arrange a personal training plan intended to substantially reduce an injury risk. It is also possible to make use of the basic training prepared by Józef Napierała, a motor skills trainer. This includes eight exercises which can be then done at home on one’s own.

Some patients choose to cooperate with one of our motor skills trainers who have a long-standing experience in working with the world’s best speedway riders or Polish leading athletes. – It is advisable to think about a skiing or snowboarding trip in advance because you may benefit from it a lot. Last winter I had a patient who attended an-hour exercises twice a week. They were dedicated to skiing. When he came back, he said it had been his best winter holiday ever. If you decide to prepare well physically, you can be in a better shape – says Józef Napierała.

How long does it take to prepare for a skiing or snowboarding trip?
– It depends. If you do not do any sport at all, if you are overweight and perhaps have other problems, it is challenging. However if you are relatively active, we can prepare you within 4-6 weeks – claims a Rehasport Clinic motor skills trainer. A good start is a general preparation, that is regular physical exercises, plus falls, rolls, throws and elements of yoga. You need to remember to focus on upper body parts as well, not only lower areas.

After a certain time you can start a second stage, that is focus on strength, coordination and stabilization. I advise you to arrange a meeting with a specialist. – We arrange terms of cooperation, I know when you intend to go skiing or snowboarding and I can prepare stages in your workout. Basically 80 percent of your movement is the same in all disciplines, so a general and multi-dimensional work is effective because your backbone pain vanishes, you can feel more confident, you are eager to do more sport. You seem to start from skiing exercises, but you feel in a better shape, it has an impact on your health  – holds Józef Napierała. At the last stage before your holiday you have to strengthen all ligaments, tendons and muscles around the knee joint, as well a hip and ankle areas. – The more muscles you can build, the less susceptible to injuries you become. – concludes a Rehasport Clinic trainer.

For whom?

  • Those who go skiing or snowboarding
  • Persons aged 14 onwards
  • Women and men, regardless of their physical fitness


  • You can undergo examinations in Rehasport Clinic in Poznań, Gdańsk and Warsaw

How long does it take?

  • examinations – 90 min
  • training plan – 30 min

How to prepare?

  • Take sport clothes

How much is it?

  • examination 199 PLN
  • personal training plan 60 PLN (after examinations only)