Special initiative of Inov-8 team runners. “The Crown of Polish Mountains”

IMG_8194_resizeA duet Kamil Leśniak – Viola Petrovskaya is carrying out a special project entitled “The Crown of Polish Mountains”. Rehasport Clinic is a medical partner of this undertaking!

The Crown of Polish Mountains refers to 28 peaks of Polish mountain range – both runners of Inov-8 team are trying to climb the top by running along routes. From Tarnica in Bieszczady Mountains via Lackowa in Beskid Niski or Łysica in Świętokrzyskie Mountains, though highest Rysy, and ending up with western Sudety mountains. This Crown of Polish Mountains has been repeatedly reached – records were beaten with regard to the entire route. Viola and Kamil have decided to reach them separately – through the most beautiful routes covered in soil, rather than asphalt. The goal is to climb the peak of the mountain and go back in shortest time possible. This form is still uncommon in Poland but highly popular in Western Europe, known as FKT (Fastest Known Time). Inov-8 duet chooses the routes on their own, this is how they set goals for their followers who would like to beat their time. To see more details about the project and already reached peaks, see the website of the INITIATIVE.


Rehasport Clinic is a partner of this undertaking, and during last expedition our runners were accompanied by Bartosz Kiedrowski, our physiotherapist and running enthusiast, who professionally helps among others Polish sprinters and Olympic athletes. In August further peaks are waiting – this time located in the eastern Beskidy Mountains and in Świętokrzystkie Mountains.