The article of Rehasport Clinic doctors in a prestigious orthopedic magazine

art1International Orthopaedics, a prestigious and one of the most highly valued orthopedic magazine in the world, published an article of Rehasport Clinic doctors. The work is related to acetabulum imaging in shoulder instability.

Polish specialist have proved that 3D imaging of acetabulum is way more credible in diagnosing acetabulum damage. A number of tomographic results related to acetabulum in 2D and 3D variants were compared. The evaluation was made by two persons. One of them had a long-standing experience in assessing images, while another one did not. It was showed that the compliance between the researchers and within each of them was substantially increased when using 3D reconstructions. 3D reconstruction is used when diagnosing patients with shoulder instability. The existence of significant acetabulum losses determines a choice of a surgery.
The article was written by specialists who represent Rehasport Clinic, Poznań University of Medical Sciences and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań: MD PhD Przemysław Lubiatowski, MD PhD Marcin Dzianach, medical doctor Jakub Stefaniak, medical doctor Jan Długosz, MD PhD Marcin Redman, MA Anna Maria Kubicka, Prof. PhD Janusz Piontek, Prof. PhD Leszek Romanowski.

International Orthopaedics is an official magazine of the International Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology (SICOT).

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