For answers to the most frequently asked questions, see below.

expandcollapseHow much time do I have to wait for the result after examination?
You will be provided with the results subsequent to an in-depth analysis of the medical documents kept by a group of Rehasport Clinic specialists, that is within 14 days after the examination at the latest. 

expandcollapseDoes Rehasport Clinic announce a disability degree?
No. Rehasport Clinic does not do it.
expandcollapseWhat is the examination like?
 Examination is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary functional assessment of the injured. The medical team is composed of specialists having an expertise in orthopedics, neurology, physiotherapy, psychology, as well as other branches of medicine. It is them who prepare a detailed treatment plan, physiotherapy process and occupational rehabilitation. 
expandcollapseHow can I come for the examination?
Rehasport Clinic provides a specialist medical transport adapted to the injured person’s health condition when it is impossible to travel on his/her own.