Every year in Poland over 65 thousand people get injured in road accidents. Many of them never regain their physical activeness. We want to change it. That’s why Rehasport Clinic has signed agreements with insurance agencies: Alianz, Ergo Hestia SA, MTU SA with a view to treating persons injured in road accidents.

The agreement concluded by and between Rehasport Clinic and insurance agencies concerns a comprehensive diagnostics of persons injured in road accidents, on the basis of the obligatory civil liability insurance (OC) of the offender. The examination is to identify the current health condition of the injured on the basis of the clinical trials (among others orthopedic, neurological, internal, psychological, mental and social assessment, physiotherapeutic, functional), as well as treat the injured persons who have been referred to our clinic by insurance agencies. The therapy will include a comprehensive rehabilitation (inter alia orthopedic, neurological, cardiologic, urological rehabilitation, speech-therapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy), and surgical treatments.

We will do our utmost to help all Rehasport Clinic patients regain their abilities.