Tomasz Majewski after elbow surgery in Rehasport Clinic

Tomasz Majewski, a two-time shot put Olympic champion, had undergone elbow surgery in Rehasport Clinic, in Poznan. – Everything went smoothly – said MD, Ph.D. Przemyslaw Lubiatowski who, together with D . Piotr Ogrodowicz had performed surgery.


From left : MD, Ph.D. Przemyslaw Lubiatowski, London and Beijing Olympic Champion Tomasz Majewski, Dr. Piotr Ogrodowicz

Tomasz Majewski came to Rehasport Clinic on Monday morning, but only after having undergone extensive examinations, it turned out that surgery was neccesary. The player had complained about right elbow pain for a long time, namely the hand that pushes the bullet. The source of discomfort was visible during an ultrasound examination, conducted by Dr. Marcin Dzianach . – As a result of sports activity, chronic inter-tissue conflict within the elbow developed – said MD, Ph.D. Przemysław Lubiastowski, who had operated the athlete’s shoulder two years before. – I felt pain, especially recently. I could have coped with it the next season, but what’s the point in training in pain. I simply wanted to have it over and done with.

The operation took place in the evening and lasted less than half an hour. – There were no complications. Now the player awaits intensive rehabilitation and probably will be able to resume training in about four weeks – announces Dr. Lubiatowski. It is very possible that our 31 -year-old Olympic Champion may lose the first part of the season, and perhaps even the whole season as he will not have time to prepare. Majewski’s target event in 2013 is the World Championships, which will be held at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium in August.