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Treatment for free. We help Papua New Guinea!

News PapuaOn Saturday, June 25, Rehasport Clinic is organizing White Saturday at ul. Górecka 30 – all patients who have registered will have an opportunity to consult doctors, rehabilitation instructors and if instructed by the doctor – ultrasound and X-ray tests.

The total value of these services is ca. 70 thousand zlotys. The money collected through voluntary transfers to the account of Rehasport Clinic Foundation will be used to purchase microscopes aimed at treating TB in Papua New Guinea. TB is one of the five major causes of death in this poor country.

Why Papua New Guinea?

In 2006 PhD Tomasz Piontek, Rehasport Clinic orthopedist, spent a few weeks in this country. – I treated patients and realized that a proper help was a difficult thing to find there. It is not only about poor equipment of hospitals and inconsiderable medical personnel, but also few roads throughout the country – says doctor Tomasz Piontek. It was when he met father Józef Roszynski who is now a bishop and ordinary of Wewak Diocese in Papua New Guinea and Jerzy Kuźma – missionary and surgeon and professor at Divine World University in Madang, as well as a priest Jan Jaworski, ordinary and the only orthopedist of that time in the hospital in Kundiawa. He has been in touch with them up to the present day, and when missionaries come to Poland, he provides medical assistance in Rehasport Clinic. – It is hard to imagine it in Poland as here one doctor is responsible for on average 1-2 thousand people and in Papua is one for 130 thousand! – says Jerzy Kuźma.

TB – deadly element

Józef Roszyński, the bishop, came up with the idea of helping citizens of Papua New Guinea who suffer from TB. – TB is still the main cause of death in this world and it is estimated that from 2000 and 2014 thanks to fast diagnosis and treatment we managed to save about 43 million people. In 2014 1,5 million people died of this disease – 99 percent of them are citizens of developing countries. Also in Papua New Guinea TB is in the group of top five causes of death. There are many causes – starting from poverty and undernourishment, particularly of children, through illiteracy and ending up with lack of funds in the health service. – In 2010 in Madang province 1000 people went down with TB and last year 1600. It applies to pulmonary TB and osteoarticular TB – explains Jerzy Kuźma.

Together we help citizens of Papua New Guinea!

Funds collected on White Saturday in Rehasport Clinic will be used to purchase biological microscopes Levenhuk 320 allowing faster disease identification. As part of fighting against TB, WHO claims that microscopic study of sputum smear is a basis for early diagnosis of pulmonary TB and should be available in all medical facilities. At present in Madang province more than 50% of centers do not do these examinations due to lack of equipment! In 2015 nearly 18 percent of the sick underwent these examinations. Along with our patients who on Saturday, June 25, will visit Rehasport Clinic, we wish to overcome this obstacle. Thanks to additional microscopes, it will be possible to improve diagnostics at the early stage of this deadly disease, and thus save many human beings.


How to take advantage of White Saturday in Rehasport Clinic?

On Monday, June 20, at 1pm registration starts – about 240 medical examinations, about 130 rehabilitation instructions, 24 ultrasound tests and depending on needs – additional X-ray testing. Patients will be seen by PhD Przemysław Lubiatowski, PhD Tomasz Piontek, PhD Witold Dudziński, doctor Andrzej Pyda, doctor Jakub Naczk, doctor. Magdalena Posadzy, doctor Joanna Wałecka, doctor Jakub Stefaniak, doctor Tomasz Zemlak and a team of physiotherapists.

All funds transferred to the account of Rehasport Clinic Foundation will be used to purchase microscopes aimed at fighting against TB in Papua New Guinea.

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  • White Saturday in Rehasport Clinic
  • Saturday, 25 June 2016 from 9am to 2pm
  • Registration start – Monday, 20.06, at 1pm
  • To sign up, call (61) 8338989 (applications before 1pm will not be accepted)